An Essex based company that specialises in sunken gardens and striking glass pond designs, is incorporating a variety of toughened laminated glass products from the TuffX Processed Glass range into its instant pond portfolio. The company provides beautiful ornamental pools which can be dismantled and reassembled should homeowners decide to relocate and move home.

Dependent upon the size of the project, TuffX provides a variety of glass thicknesses including 17.5mm clear toughened, 21.5mm clear toughened or 25.5mm clear toughened laminate which is then incorporated into the pond framework.

Primarily developed for people who keep koi, the range of garden ponds is laser cut from 3 mm thick 316 stainless steel and is offered with a lifetime guarantee. The glass is fixed into each frame as are the brick slips that fit above and below the windows.

A number of designs are available with a bespoke option for consumers with specific ideas for their gardens. The ponds do not need footings to be reinforced or 9″ block work, as the strength and rigidity of the finished product is in the framework itself.