TuffX Processed Glass Ltd

TuffX Processed Glass Ltd, has nearly twenty five years experience in specialist, toughened safety glass manufacturing. TuffX is established as one of the UK’s most progressive, customer-oriented companies.

Using the most modern engineering technology, products up to 19mm in thickness are manufactured in-house, giving us total control of production quality with the entire range conforming to European Safety Standards.

We have in excess of 40 plus vehicles fleet providing a nationwide delivery service with standard deliveries being 5-6 working days, or an express service is available if required.


At Tuffx we are UK’s leaders in research and development within the glass industry and work closely with the world’s leading glass manufacturers. At our state of the art factory we house the latest innovative glass machinery and technology on the market.

Environmental, Social and Governance

Tuffx Processed Glass Ltd believes that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles are crucial to creating a resilient business model and place these matters at the core of our operations. Our Policy outlines our firm-wide approach to integrating ESG into our business and the key areas on which we focus. We are committed to improving areas that we believe will make a meaningful difference to our employees, the environment and our wider society.

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