Ambi Triple

Ambi-TRIPLE self cleaning glazed roof glass is suitable for all glass in the Ambience range. With centre pane u-values as low as 0.7 some 30% better than standard double glazed roof glass, allied to enhanced sound reduction & improved solar control.

The 3 panel construction of Ambi-TRIPLE also allows for application of privacy and self-cleaning coatings while retaining the full performance benefits of our wLow E product.


Product U-Value Solar heat Reflection Light Transmission Self – Cleaning
Sunshade Blue/Low E/Low E 0.7 84% 24%
Aqua/Low E/Low E 0.7 85% 24%
Ultra/Low E/Low E 0.7 94% 6%
Blue/Low E/Low E 0.7 73% 42%
Neutral/Low E/Low E 0.7 76% 33%
Bronze/Low E/Low E 0.7 73% 37%
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