Less 42% carbon footprint

As a leading name in the industry, our dedication to sustainability holds immense significance. Therefore, it is only fitting to emphasize the utilization of Low Carbon Glass as a revolutionary step in promoting environmental consciousness. In the realm of balustrade innovation, TuffX stands at the forefront by introducing the integration of Low Carbon Glass into its balustrade design.

Recognising the urgent need to mitigate carbon emissions from buildings, we believe that the adoption of low carbon materials is paramount. This is not only in line with the goals set by organizations such as LETI, the World Green Building Council, and Architecture 2030 but also aligns with the global imperative to achieve net-zero carbon operations.

TuffX leads the way with low carbon glass for balustrades

What are Low Carbon Glass Balustrades?

Balustrades have been manufactured for 100’s of years from various construction materials and only recently have they transitioned to glass. As design-led high specification properties push the demand for more bespoke contemporary products, toughened safety glass has found its way into structural balustrading.


  • Less 42% CARBON FOOTPRINT. When compared with common glass production.
  • 64% RECYCLED CONTENT. High amount of external cullet. Use of renewable electricity throughout the production process.
  • 6.64kg CO2 CONTENT. Eq./m2 for 4mm of low carbon glass.

TuffX supplies glass balustrading to both large scale commercial projects and large/small scale domestic projects. As all products are manufactured in-house, complete control is exerted over the manufacturing process allowing TuffX to supply unrivalled quality and lead-times on glass balustrades.

Tuffx manufactures a varied range of glass thicknesses suitable for glass balustrades with the most common being 10mm, 12mm, 17.5mm & 21.5mm. All edges are polished as standard and we can manufacture any drilled holes, cut-outs or radius corners/shaping you require.

Glass balustrades are used for patios, stairways, balconies, fencing around decking and have many more creative uses. They are a unique and aesthetic way of providing safety to your home and garden. There are many different options available for glass balustrades to suit you and your needs. 

Glass balustrades are easy to maintain as glass does not require much attention, and they come in different types: supported by posts, reliant on the strength of structural glass or frameless.

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