What is a Rooflight? The Ultimate Guide

May 24, 2023

Rooflights are becoming more and more popular in UK homes. Modern architecture has begun to take advantage of the benefits rooflights have to offer: but what exactly are they? 

Today, TuffX will take you on a guided tour of rooflights. We’ll cover all the internet’s most frequently asked questions: what is a rooflight? How are they different from skylights, and how can they raise your property’s value?

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What is a rooflight?

Is an area of your home dark and poorly lit? Well, rooflights are usually installed on the roof of a building to increase the sunshine. If no amount of outdoor access is increasing your light levels, a rooflight can be a cost-effective architectural solution.

Typically, rooflights are made with toughened safety glass, and here at TuffX, we craft our rooflight’s with a powder-coated aluminium thermally broken frame. They can be fixed, openable or reinforced to create a surface you can walk upon. 

Many people use the term ‘rooflight’ and ‘skylight’ interchangeably. People often find this confusing, with many wondering if there’s a difference between the two terms. So: what’s the difference between rooflights and skylights?

What is a skylight?

In terms of function and purpose, there is no difference between a rooflight and a skylight! 

Both are windows installed on the roof of a building. However, some people use “skylight” to refer to a fixed or operable window directly above eye level. 

However, the term “rooflight” is a general term used to describe any type of window installed on the roof. Ultimately, whether a window is a rooflight or a skylight depends on regional variations and personal preference. Still, both refer to the same type of window!

What are the different types of rooflights?

So, what kinds of rooflights are available? With the many kinds of homes, offices and buildings out there, manufacturers have engineered different types of rooflights to serve multiple purposes.

Flat rooflights

Flat Rooflights are specifically designed to sit flush with the surface of a flat roof. They’re often rectangular or square in shape.


Framed glass rooflights

Framed Glass Rooflights feature a frame that surrounds the glass panel. They are often made from aluminium, like our thermally broken aluminium frames, to create an insulated barrier between the cold outdoors and your new toughened safety glass.


Walk-on rooflights

Walk-on rooflights are designed to support the weight of pedestrians or light foot traffic. They are typically installed on flat roofs or terraces to provide natural light and access to the space below.

Unlike regular rooflights meant for viewing purposes, walk-on rooflights are constructed with reinforced materials, like heat-soaked, toughened laminated glass.


What are the benefits of rooflights?

Natural Light

Incorporating natural light into homes and buildings is essential for creating a comfortable and healthy living space. 

According to countless scientific studies, natural light exposure has been proven to improve mood, increase productivity, and even regular the body’s circadian rhythm! 

By adding a rooflight to your home, you can reap the benefits of an improved mood and higher levels of vitamin D.

No Planning Permission Required

Usually, making structural alterations to your property requires planning permission. 

This is the case for renovation work, conversions, or building new structures. But if your home meets the requirements in the Government Planning Portal, installing a rooflight comes under your Permitted Development Rights!   

These are rights given to you, as a homeowner, by the government. You can transform your home and slash renovation times in half with a rooflight, so long as you adhere to the following standards: 

  1. The installed windows should not protrude more than 150mm above the existing roof plane.
  2. The windows must not exceed the height of the highest point on your roof or roof ridge.
  3. Side-facing windows should be equipped with obscure-glazed glass to ensure privacy. Additionally, if these windows are positioned 1.7 meters above floor level, they should not be openable.


As you can see, rooflights present a cost-effective and hassle-free option for transforming your home without additional paperwork.

Energy Savings

Utilising natural light through rooflights aligns with sustainable building practices. By reducing the reliance on artificial lighting and lowering energy consumption, rooflights help to reduce your carbon footprint.

Make a positive environmental impact with a new rooflight!


If you value privacy, rooflights can provide you with a level of solitude that sideward windows do not. Homes positioned close to public roads and pavements can make it easy for on-lookers to steal a glance into your sitting room. 

While often harmless, this can be unnerving for some. You can minimise visibility into your home with curtains and blinds, but this has a knock-on effect on your light levels. 

Rooflights mean you don’t have to be shrouded in darkness to maintain your privacy. If you’d prefer to keep your blinds shut when foot traffic is heavy, daylight will still flood your rooflight and warm up your home.

Increased property value

​​Installing rooflights can enhance the value of a property.

Potential buyers or tenants often appreciate the presence of rooflights as they offer the benefits of natural light, improved aesthetics, and a connection to the outdoors.

Rooflights can add a touch of luxury and uniqueness to a property, making it more attractive in the real estate market.

Choose TuffX for High-Quality Rooflights!

Now that you know everything rooflights have to offer, why not get one for your property? 

Enjoy the benefits of increased sunlight, improved mood, and monthly energy savings! As we move into the summer months, your new rooflight will be more impactful than ever. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or enquiries about our Rooflight services.