Types of Rooflights: Exploring the Options with TuffX

March 1, 2023

Rooflights are the perfect way to make your space more unique, dynamic and energy-efficient. You can flood your home with natural light without taking up valuable space, increase your property value and create architectural interest.

But what different types of rooflights can you buy? Today, TuffX will give you the low-down on rooflights, the most in-demand varieties and whether you need permission from your local authority to install them.

For all this and more, stick with TuffX!

What are the different types of rooflights?

Rooflights are glazed units installed on a pitched or flat roof.

Typically, they are manufactured using toughened glass for maximum safety and thermal efficiency. With TuffX, you can choose between Double Glazed Glass, which has a U-Value of 1.2 w/m2 or Triple Glazed Toughened Safety Glass, which has a U-Value of 0.7 w/m2.

No matter which type of rooflights you choose, they are an excellent way to watch the beauty of the outdoor world from the comfort of your sofa. Not to mention, rooflights provide a simple and cost-effective way to bring natural light into any living space.

TuffX rooflights come complete with a standard high-class polished edge finish, toughened safety glass, a black (RAL 9005) decorative border and a choice of clear or blue-tinted glass for your own aesthetic preferences. But what are the different types of rooflights we offer?

Framed Glass Rooflights

Framed glass rooflights have a premium frame that borders the glass. This frame provides additional support and protection, making them one of the most durable, long-lasting rooflights.

The glass in TuffX’s framed rooflights are bordered by a sleek, modern aluminium frame. It features a thermal brake which minimises the transfer of cold and heat, so if you’re worried about condensation, don’t be! TuffX framed glass rooflights will prevent heat loss with ease.


These models are perfect when you need access to sunshine but don’t want to take up too much space. Is your property small, hidden in the shade? Let the daylight pour through with the addition of a framed glass rooflight. Plus, you may see a reduction in your utility bills.

Over time, particularly in the summer months, you can say goodbye to electrical lamps and light fixtures. A framed glass rooflight will fill your property during golden hour and into the night.

Walk-On Rooflights

Walk-on rooflights can be fitted externally and internally, providing a strengthened suffice to support the weight of those walking over them.


Perfect for roof terraces, gardens, and basement conversions, walk-on rooflights provide a unique way to create a functional and enjoyable space in a home or business environment. At TuffX, we use 33mm heat-soaked toughened glass with an Argon Gas-filled cavity and a thermal spacer glazed with 6mm toughened Low E Glass.

This technology makes our structural glass floors one of the sturdiest, thermally efficient products on the market. Adding walk-on rooflights to your home can make it more architecturally unique and, as a result, raise its property value.

Roof Lanterns

Roof lanterns are mostly installed on flat roofs, conservatories or extensions as the finishing touch to a new build. Their minimal structure does not impose on your property but creates a visually stunning display of large glass panes.


TuffX roof lanterns are installed with design optimisation in mind: this means we use the largest glass spans and fewest rafters to make our lanterns unparalleled in power. Their secure seals and gaskets mean you can watch as the pouring rain runs off your roof lantern effortlessly.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about potential thieves or burglars: TuffX roof lanterns come equipped with the highest-quality tamper-proof fasteners and glass lock system for maximum security.

Roof lanterns are a beautiful and practical way to bring natural light into your home while adding a touch of style and sophistication.

What is the difference between a rooflight and a skylight?

Skylights and rooflights are windows installed on a roof to capitalise on daylight. However, there are some noticeable differences between the two.

A skylight will not sit flush with the roof; instead, it will jut out and can be incorporated into a flat or pitched roof. Rooflights, however, sit level with your tiles and can only be fitted onto flat roofs.

Another difference between the two is their installation process. As skylights are installed on a curb, the sunlight is raised above the roof’s surface. Rooflights, on the other hand, are typically installed directly onto the roof structure and will let the most light in when the sun is above the rooflight.

Despite these distinctions, the purpose of rooflights and skylights is the same. They’re a low-cost, no-hassle way to freshen up your property, increase its value and create displays of daylight around your home.

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