July 23, 2019

Glass manufacturer TuffX worked their glazing magic on a more unusual residence recently by giving a contemporary upgrade to a Staffordshire farm.

Earlier this year, Common Farm, near Stoke on Trent, received brand new external, walk-on glass floors, framed with 21.5mm laminated glass balustrades. The property sits in a landscape of rolling hills and trees; an environment where natural light and the essence of space are innate features.

Selected as the supplier due to their industry reputation for speed, reliability and consistent high quality, TuffX provided the project with 10m2 of 33mm laminated walk-on floor panels, each finished with a Dream Anti-Slip glass layer. Both these, and the perpendicular balustrades were cut with radial corners, evoking soft shapes to match the contours of the overlooked outdoor swimming pool and dry stone walls.

TuffX Managing Director Graham Price is especially pleased with the end result:

“While TuffX has supplied products of this type for many projects, it’s not often that we need to really consider the natural surroundings as much as we did at Common Farm. Installing large panes of glass within such a beautiful, scenic setting is simple; making it appear as though it belongs, takes extra thought.

“The polished surfaces reflect sunlight from every angle, and ensure that the panoramic view of the countryside is never compromised. Our clients wanted the balcony to enhance their property and act as an observation point while remaining functional. We feel that we have absolutely achieved this aim within this project.”