August 31, 2021

A frameless glass balustrade has given a modern residential building in Pontefract a perfect near-invisible finish, thanks to glass supplied by leading safety glass specialists TuffX.

The first floor of the gable-fronted property is set back slightly from the one below, leaving a full length but narrow roof terrace accessible from the upper storey. The customer brief was for a safe, secure yet completely unobtrusive balcony solution to make the most of this slim space, so TuffX supplied 15 panels of 17.5mm toughened and laminated clear safety glass with dubbed corners for a totally frameless balustrade.

From the outside looking on to the finished detached house from any angle, the completed balustrade is barely visible at all, leaving the property’s architectural features and symmetrical lines completely on show. Meanwhile, from inside, the residents can enjoy a similarly unimpaired view out.

The slimline, frameless balustrade also makes the most of the limited room available on the narrow terrace. Space, light, views and safety have all been maximised with this great looking, easy to maintain glass balustrade solution.

“Slim, safe and aesthetically pleasing, frameless glass balustrades make a sleek and unobtrusive addition to any property, and are as practical as they are desirable,” said TuffX’s Managing Director Graham Price.  “Whatever your customer’s requirements, at TuffX we have the perfect specialist toughened glass solutions – along with all the advice you need – to make it happen.”