Transforming spaces with TuffX

October 6, 2021

A frameless glass balustrade made with toughened glass supplied by TuffX has transformed what could have been a dark, unwelcoming staircase into a bright and modern space.

The tall residential building in London featured an enclosed stairwell with limited natural light from a small window and rooflight. A frameless glass balustrade was chosen to maximise the light and space, but the complex layout meant that multiple glass panels of various shapes were required.

Safety glass specialists TuffX supplied all the panels to the varying measurements requested, each made from 17.5mm toughened and laminated glass with polished edges and dubbed corners for a smooth and comfortable finish.

Delivered directly to site in the capital, the glass was quickly installed and the stairwell transformed. The minimalist frameless balustrade perfectly encapsulated the staircase, showing off the warm wood flooring to best effect.

At the same time, the high quality clear glass ensured the soft low level lighting installed at floor-level intervals along the stairs could flood across the entire space from top to bottom unimpeded. The completed result turned a potentially gloomy, functional staircase into a statement feature in a bright and airy space.

“Every one of our customers has unique, specific requirements for each of their projects, and we help them achieve their desired results to the highest standard without any fuss,” said TuffX’s Managing Director Graham Price.

“Whether its staircases, balconies or rooflights, talk to us about your projects and we’ll be delighted to help you make them a reality for your customer, fast.”