Stunning skylight ideas for a pitched roof

November 22, 2023

Rooflights offer endless opportunities for interior designers. Not only do they make your property’s exterior look larger, brighter and more modern, but they open up a world of home improvement possibilities!

It’s common knowledge that rooflights transform dimly lit spaces into bright retreats. They can be installed in almost any part of a property, from attics to bedrooms, kitchens to bathrooms. Once in place, you’ll have a brand new room to decorate.

But what about when they’re installed on a pitched roof?

Pitched roofs slope downwards, meaning your skylight will give you a direct view of your neighbourhood and the surrounding skies. Why should you choose skylights for a pitched roof, and what are the best ways to decorate them?

Why choose skylights for a pitched roof?

Many people choose skylights for a pitched roof because:

1. Natural light

These products are exceptionally effective for maximising sunlight.

Rooflights allow rays to enter directly from above, reducing shadows and brightening interiors. You can create an atmosphere that’s more enlightening, inviting and uplifting.

In recent years, scientists have even been investigating the connection between natural light and its effects on humans, and so far, the results are overwhelmingly positive!

Natural light regulates our circadian rhythms, promoting healthy sleep cycles and triggering serotonin production (colloquially known as the ‘happy hormone’ that boosts well-being!)

2. Energy efficiency

With so many UV rays pouring into your home, you can say goodbye to lamps and overhead lights. On sunny (and even overcast) days, the sun’s power will improve visibility in your room and reduce the need for artificial lighting.

Decreasing your energy consumption can lower your electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint! Your TuffX installer will strategically position your rooflight to get you the best benefits.

Placing your skylights, especially in north or south-facing rooms, can optimise natural light entry and temperature regulation, reducing the need for lights and heating! At TuffX, we go one step further to ensure your investment is energy efficient.

Our double and triple-glazed toughened safety glass is designed to prevent heat loss and improve thermal regulation!

3. Aesthetic appeal

How better to make your property stand out than with a rooflight? They’re a low-cost architectural addition that’s sure to encourage market interest. The property pool is competitively priced, so why not make a statement?

Rooflights make a home unique! At TuffX, you can choose between our framed and frameless products for a look tailored to your specifications.

What types of skylights are suitable for pitched roofs?

1. Fixed skylights

Fixed skylights, ideal for rooms needing additional illumination, are non-operable and designed solely to let in natural light.

They enhance a space’s openness and brightness, are typically energy-efficient, and require minimal maintenance. These skylights generate more light than a window and add aesthetic and property value.

2. Ventilated skylights

Ventilated skylights (or ‘roof windows’), however, look more like the traditional image of a skylight and can be opened via electronic mechanisms or manually. They’re excellent for spaces like bathrooms and kitchens, as they can ventilate the room and prevent condensation from forming.

Some models come with moisture sensors that automatically close the skylight in the event of rain. Protect your furniture, cabinets and electrical appliances in no time!

3. Tubular skylights

Smaller in size, tubular skylights are suitable for spaces where traditional skylights may not fit.

They consist of a small dome on the roof that captures light and transfers it through a reflective tube into a diffuser. Ideal for smaller spaces like closets, bathrooms, or hallways, tubular skylights are an effective option for providing natural light in more confined areas.

Design ideas for skylights on pitched roofs

1. Minimalist

Adding glass to a low ceiling can make it feel taller, while viewing the sky through a skylight on a high ceiling gives the illusion of being part of the outdoors.

This design opens up the room: you can craft a more spacious environment without removing doors and knocking down walls.


A modern skylight, typically a floor-to-ceiling window combined with steel and glass doors, embodies a truly modern, minimalist design. Homes focusing on clean and natural lighting can use a rooflight to blend the room seamlessly with nature.


2. Rustic

If you own an outdoor cabin far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can use a rooflight to give your home a contemporary touch.

The angled design of the pitched roof, combined with strategically positioned skylights, will maximise your daylight levels and strengthen your connection with nature.


3. Modern

Who said loft conversions have to become bedrooms? It’s your home, and there are no rules! Put a twist on the traditional house layout and relocate your central living room to the loft.

This way, family, friends and guests can feel the full advantages of your new rooflight. Transform your loft space into an open-plan living area by incorporating a series of large, rectangular skylights aligned along the central ridge of the roof.

Use frameless or slim-framed skylights for a simple look that elevates your room without doing much. You can even take minimalist decor one step further by opting for furniture and paints in neutral colours.


Choose TuffX for Pitched Roof Skylights!

If concerns about your home’s architecture have delayed your rooflight investment, we’re here to put your mind at ease. TuffX’s 25 years of industry experience means we’ll know how best to incorporate our products into your property.

We can make rooflights work, whether you have a pitched or flat roof, a new or old home: no challenge is too much for TuffX. Contact us today, and our installers can come and assess your property. We’ll create a plan based on your vision and install it with minimal fuss.