March 26, 2021

A stunning home renovation in Winchester was finished off with a dramatic entrance hall featuring a show-stopping staircase with laminated toughed glass supplied by TuffX.

In keeping with the overall style of the revamped property, the staircase, featuring open risers and 17.5mm toughened and laminated glass, ensured an uninterrupted flow of light from the double height glass-fronted property right through the entire hallway.

Beech timber treads were chosen to complement the flooring, while the glass panels were bolted directly to the side of slim-line zig-zag steel stringers, which were powder-coated to match the property’s external doors and windows. The frameless glass panels were cut by TuffX to fit the stringer line, and then topped with a 50mm diameter beech handrail.

The staircase brings together a mixture of textures, and has all the benefits of glass – light, airy and minimalist – complemented with the stylish, modern touch of steel and finished off with warm, homely beech accents. The result is a statement staircase in a dramatic entrance hall that is now flooded with light.

“When it comes to unique, individual projects, with discerning customers who have specific requirements, we’re on it,” said TuffX’s Managing Director Graham Price. “If you have a customer looking for the wow-factor like this, TuffX is here to help – from advising on the best glass products to suit your needs, and producing it to exacting specs, to delivering it fast directly to where you need it throughout the UK.”