Rooflight ideas for stargazing at home

November 22, 2023

Stargazing is a pastime favoured by many.

In the UK, where cloudy conditions are common, you’ll find many people taking advantage of a clear night sky. At home, spotting constellations, meteor showers or the moon can be done from the comfort of your front or back garden.

But with the winter rolling in, many stargazers are tired of wrapping up to go outside. They want to enjoy the stars while snuggled on the couch or cosy in bed. So, how can homeowners maximise their view of the sky?

Can you see stars through skylights?

Yes, you can definitely see stars through skylights: it’s one of their main benefits! Rooflights, also known as ‘skylights’, are glazed units typically installed on a flat roof.

To ensure adequate height for water runoff, flat rooflights are fitted with a kerb system: this ensures the integrity of your rooflight won’t be damaged by heavy showers or snow. If placed on a pitched roof, it is fitted out of plane with the level of the tiling.

These brilliant architectural features are designed to bring more natural light into a home, whether sunlight or moonlight!

At TuffX, we manufacture our rooflights using supremely clear toughened safety glass: they’re perfect for stargazing and will offer you crystal clear views of the night sky.

5 Rooflights ideas for your home

So, how can you best incorporate a TuffX rooflight into your home? For maximum stargazing opportunities (and increased sunshine throughout the day), check out our 5 rooflight ideas for stargazing.

1. Sloped ceiling rooflight

Properties with a sloped ceiling should take advantage of their unique architecture and incorporate a rooflight!

By capturing sunlight from different angles throughout the day, they ensure that rooms are consistently well-lit and reduce the need for artificial lighting (possibly helping you save on precious energy!)

At night, these rooflights will offer homeowners a broad and mesmerising view of the starry sky. They won’t just look good but also come with many practical benefits.


(A sloped skylight in a bedroom)

For example, their slope prevents water pooling and guarantees homeowners a clear view of the sky, even during rainy seasons.

2. Overhead rooflight

Who wants to look up from their bed and see a boring ceiling? That’s what makes overhead rooflights the go-to design choice for stargazing enthusiasts.

This classic design offers an unobstructed view of the sky: it’s perfect for getting cosy, throwing on your favourite film and watching the stars go by right above your head.


(An overhead rooflight in a living room/lounge)

This design is especially beneficial in urban areas where surrounding buildings might block side windows. Witness celestial events (from full moons to meteor showers) without any obstructions.

3. Two rooflights on opposing sides

When it comes to rooflights, we always say, ‘the more, the merrier!’ Another design for sloped roofs involves installing two directly opposing rooflights on either side of the room.

While they don’t need to be exactly parallel (as in the picture below, one is higher than the other), having a dual set-up guarantees a balanced influx of sunlight throughout the day.


(Two opposing rooflights in a bedroom)

Once the sun sets, you’ll have double the vantage points. Grab your binoculars and prepare to watch the stars orbit the planet. In the morning (if you’re an early riser), you may even be able to watch the moon set, and the sun rise.

What a way to start the day!

4. Roof lantern

Roof lanterns offer a grand alternative to rooflights. These 24mm double-glazing units rise above the standard roofline and are manufactured using multiple glass panes.

If you feel like your lounge or family room is missing something, a roof lantern may be the final puzzle piece. Not only will they take your home’s interior and exterior aesthetics to the next level, but they’re the perfect way to stargaze.


(A roof lantern in a living room/lounge)

You’ll get a broader expanse of the night sky and a front-row seat to the stars. Forget about piling on your winter clothes just to sit in the garden! Instead, you can wear your favourite pyjamas and witness the night sky from your sofa.

5. Kitchen rooflight

The kitchen is the heart of the home: it’s where families gather, meals are prepared, and memories are made. So, what better place to watch the sky?


(A rooflight in a kitchen)

From a practical standpoint, homeowners will benefit from the enhanced sunlight during the day, whether you’re chopping, cooking or baking. If you’re someone who enjoys a midnight snack, you can make daily life more glamorous by preparing a meal under the stars.

Choose TuffX for stargaze-friendly rooflights!

Stargazing is a simple way to connect with nature. It’s an age-old hobby that humans have enjoyed for millions of years, and with a rooflight, you can indulge in maximum comfort.

Take in the clear sky any time of night: while you’re sat in a reading nook, eating a meal at your kitchen table or snuggled up in bed. All you have to do is invest in one of TuffX’s supremely clear skylights. Our products are a long-term investment in quality: with our 10-year guarantee, you can rest assured your product is protected. To find out more, contact us.