Roof Light Installation Guide

June 27, 2023

For TuffX installers, fitting a Rooflight in your home is a breeze. 

Not only are our rooflights manufactured using the highest-quality components, but we can install them using our simple five-step process. So, if you want to know more about increasing your property value and improving energy efficiency, stay with TuffX.  

What is a roof light? 

Rooflights are framed or frameless pieces of thermal glass installed within an opening of your roof. As architectural additions go, rooflights are a cost-effective way to improve your home’s exterior and natural daylight levels. 

You may have seen the terms rooflight and skylight used interchangeably: well, the truth is that they mean the same thing. Both their function and purposes are the same! The only difference is that sometimes, skylight refers to openable windows at eye level. 

You can purchase rooflights with frames, without frames, or with doubly reinforced glass for Walk-On Rooflights

How are roof lights installed? 

Now that you know more about rooflights, how are they installed? 

1. Create a roof opening 

First, an opening will need to be created on your roof. 

You will have discussed the placement for your rooflight with TuffX before installation, so your installer will get on with the job immediately! 

2. Build the upstand 

Once the opening has been created, we’ll build an upstand with a minimum pitch of 5 degrees to allow water to run off the rooflight. 

3. Apply silicone 

Next, our installer will apply a thick bead of silicone all the way around on top of the timber upstand/kerb.

4. Position the frame 

The flat, aluminium rooflight frame will then be positioned over the top and sides of the upstand/kerb. 

5. Pre-drill holes 

Then, your installer will pre-drill fixing holes through the timber/aluminium upstand at 100mm from each corner, then at regular intervals.

6. Secure screws

Fixing screws with horseshoe packers and finishing caps will be secured continuously around the frame to keep it in place. 

Why purchase a rooflight from TuffX? 

When you purchase a rooflight with TuffX, you get a no-hassle installation, as well as many other attractive benefits: 

1. Popular design feature 

If you’re scouring the property market, you’ll likely notice more and more homes with rooflights. They’re a timeless architectural feature with countless practical and aesthetic benefits. 

Make your home more appealing to buyers with this cost-effective addition and increase your home’s value! Or, enjoy the stylish benefits of a rooflight from the comfort of your kitchen, bedroom, living room or bathroom. 

2. More sunshine! 

Who doesn’t love some extra sunshine? 

The chief purpose of a rooflight is to flood your home with glorious UV rays, particularly in rooms that don’t get enough light in the first place. Is your kitchen dark and dank? 

Do you have the most shaded bedroom in the house? No worries: your new rooflight will transform even the darkest rooms from drab to glowing. You’ll even rely less on artificial lighting, meaning you could save on your monthly energy bills. What a bonus! 

3. Manufactured with quality materials 

Lastly, when you shop with TuffX, you’re guaranteed a product made from the finest, most durable materials on the market. We offer customers a choice between double and triple-glazed toughened safety glass for thermal insulation and durability. 

Our thermally broken aluminium frame is powder coated in Anthracite Grey, but you can choose other colours on request to customise your purchase. The same goes for our standard black decorative border! 

You can also select from clear, solar or privacy glass, depending on your needs and which room your rooflight will be installed in.