It takes the right blend of old and new to elegantly renovate an historic, feature filled building, using modern materials. For Merseyside’s toughened glass specialist TuffX, the biggest challenge on a recent project was enabling their contemporary walk on glass floor to complement the majesty of a stained glass window centrepiece.

The result of such an unusual combination is a beautiful pillar of light streaming vertically throughout Chapel Cottage; an ex Methodist chapel in Brockdish, Norfolk. The chapel has been newly converted into a home, and as part of the development, included the installation of TuffX’s 33mm laminated roof light.

The panels – which are manufactured to bespoke dimensions at no extra cost to the customer – allow for an increased flow of natural light and are supplied as a finished unit, ready to install and secure. The eco friendly U-Value of 1.2 means that even when it looks cold outside, homes stay warmer for longer with minimal heat loss.

Created in-house by TuffX masterminds, the product was first introduced to the trade sector in December 2018, and has been met with unwavering interest since. Designed to provide an easy to fit solution that can be delivered direct to sites anywhere in the UK, turnaround times on standard size products uphold the efficient ethos with availability being inside a week.

But surely glass is slippery, and not the ideal material to walk on? TuffX walk on roof lights come in an anti slip finish to ensure increased safety outside, or in high traffic areas. For spaces requiring a little more privacy, an opaque option provides an intimate, yet eye-catching solution.

Each panel is attractively finished with an aluminium powder coated frame, setting off this functional glassware as an exquisite piece of art.