Bespoke projects are a speciality for TuffX Processed Glass, which was demonstrated in a recent project at a luxury private residence in the Lake District.

The homeowners wished there to be little distracting the eye from a panoramic view on their balcony terrace. With its light transmission being higher than clear float glass, Low Iron Toughened glass from the TuffX range made the perfect choice for this application.

As transparency and purity of colour were desired, TuffX supplied approx. 60m2 polished, 19mm Low Iron Toughened, to give the almost invisible, colourless effect to the glass balustrade.

Available in thicknesses between 2 mm and 19 mm, TuffX aims to give customers greater design scope with this low-iron, extra clear glass that can be incorporated into exterior or interior glazing projects as well as furniture or a wide range of other applications.