Homeowners are often looking for new ways to modernise their home and make it different from others and Tuff X Processed Glass have unique ways of doing this. They recently have given one homeowner’s house a contemporary twist by supplying a glass stair case for their home.

The clients got in touch with TuffX requesting glass that is suitable for a staircase. The installers explained that their customers wanted a modern glass staircase that was safe and practical for a family home. TuffX explained that their triple-laminated, toughened glass would be ideal for a staircase. It can take weight, pressure and in the unlikely case of a breakage, it breaks into small particles that are held into place with an interlayer between its two other layers of glass. The clients were pleased with the suggestion and ordered 10m² of the triple laminated glass in 33mm which is made up of 3 x 10mm Clear Toughened glass with 2 x 1.5mm interlayer. For the landing and the stair case banister they have used approx. 15m² of 21.5mm Clear Toughened laminate which is made up of 2 x 10mm Clear Toughened with a 1.5mm cast in place interlayer.

The Homeowners are exceptionally pleased with the outcome of the finished staircase. It gives the modern look to their home that they had hoped for, it is safe with the curved edges, yet also looks appealing. Tuff X manufactures their toughened laminated and laminated heat strengthened glass in-house on state-of-the-art machinery to meet all current industry standards. They produce glass from 4mm to 19mm and up to a maximum size of 4000mm x 2200mm.