This month TuffX have supplied 25m2 of glass to a new build home in Coverack, Cornwall. The homeowners had specific plans for their new build and desired an external balcony surrounding the front of the upper level of the house. The vision was to create a modernised home that fits in with the other houses in the area. Adding the balcony gives their home a contemporary feel and allows the homeowners to sit outside and be able to soak up the views of the Cornwall beachfront, which the house faces.

With the drawings and plans in place the architects and installers got in contact with TuffX, explaining they wanted a type of glass for the balcony that was safe, strong, and suitable for all weather types and also had to look visually aesthetic. TuffX suggested that 17.5mm clear toughened laminated glass would be ideal for all the purposes they required. This glass is made up of 8mm toughen clear/8mm toughen clear with a 1.5 resin interlayer. Tuff X manufactures their toughened laminated and laminated heat strengthened glass in-house on state-of-the-art machinery to meet all current industry standards. They produce the glass up to a maximum size of 4000mm x 2200mm.