On the up and up with TuffX

November 2, 2021

A narrow, space-saving spiral staircase has been transformed from dated and cramped to a modern, elegant and far more practical solution, including a frameless glass balustrade with toughened glass supplied by TuffX.

The new staircase was installed as part of a refurbishment of a private residential property in Sheffield, where it leads to a mezzanine level that was given a matching glass balustrade to make the most of the property’s light and space without compromising on safety.


Leading glass specialists TuffX supplied 25m2 of 17.5mm toughened and laminated glass for the project direct to the site. The staircase and mezzanine balustrades required a mixture of CNC-shaped and rectangle glass panels, all with dubbed corners and various bespoke cut-outs.

A simple but clever redesign of the staircase involved turning it around 180°, which meant taking up slightly more room although paradoxically, due to the minimalist glass effect, the new stairs actually sit less obtrusively in the space, while being far more comfortable and practical to use.

Light wood treads, minimal visible fixtures and a light core pole complete the elegant, bright and airy look, while light from the roof windows in the mezzanine level above floods down through both floors.

“Projects like this show how glass and a thoughtful redesign can completely transform a home,” said TuffX’s Managing Director Graham Price. “Not just in how a space looks by bringing it bang up to date, but also in how it functions as a safe, practical and stylish solution that also benefits the rest of the home with improved light flow and a more spacious feel.”