Minimising heat loss with a well-insulated rooflight

October 31, 2023

Minimising heat loss with a well-insulated rooflight

Rooflights offer the best of both worlds.

Not only do you get unobscured views of nature, but you can view this beauty in the comfort of your own home. They brighten residential houses, workspaces and are a simple way to modernise a property.

But there’s a catch – without the right insulation, they can let heat escape. So, how do we keep our spaces light, bright, and warm all at once? Minimising heat loss with a well-insulated rooflight is possible with the right installers on the job.

What are rooflights?

Rooflights are flat windows placed in the roof of a building.

They let natural light into rooms and can be especially useful in spaces where traditional wall windows might not work, like lofts or extensions. They can be made to open and close, letting fresh air in, or they can be fixed for maximum light intake.

But they don’t just increase sunlight: while this is their main goal, they also have thermal insulation purposes. At TuffX, we offer rooflights with different U-values (a measure of how effective a material is as an insulator).

We provide rooflights with a U-Value of 1.2 w/m^2 when double-glazed and a U-Value of 0.7 w/m^2 when triple-glazed. The lower the U-value, the better the rooflight keeps heat in!

To ensure your heating doesn’t escape to the cold outdoors, our rooflights also feature an Aluminium Frame. This sleek, stylish frame does more than just look good: it creates an insulated barrier that minimises the transfer of heat and cold.

Say goodbye to condensation and hello to energy efficiency!

What is thermal efficiency?

But what exactly is thermal efficiency? Why is it so crucial, and what can rooflights do to help?

Thermal efficiency measures how good a material or item, like a rooflight, is at stopping heat from passing through it. If something has high thermal efficiency, it’s excellent at controlling heat transfer.

But managing heat transfer in an indoor climate is easier said than done. It means ensuring your property is well-insulated and that your double-glazing is up to date.

A rooflight or window over 15-20 years old will create drafts, fail to retain heat, and even cause condensation between the glass panes. That means updating your property with cutting-edge rooflight technology makes both aesthetic and practical sense!

Why is minimising heat loss through rooflights important?

But why is maximising thermal efficiency important?

Of course, we like to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but what are some of the more long-term benefits of minimising heat loss through rooflights?

1. Energy efficiency and cost-savings

A rooflight can stop your heating and cooling systems from working overtime.

By preventing heat from escaping during colder months and blocking excessive heat in the summer, your boiler or air-con won’t struggle to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

Limiting your gas and electricity use may also lead to cost savings for your monthly energy bills!

2. Environmental impact

Limiting energy usage has a positive impact on both your bank account and the environment. When rooflights are thermally efficient, the energy demands of a building become lower.

Our reduced demand then has a knock-on effect on your environmental footprint. That’s because we often burn fossil fuels when we heat or cool our homes.

Burning these fuels releases greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide, which then contribute to global warming.

But if our rooflights are doing a good job keeping our indoor temperature stable, we use less energy and release fewer gases into the atmosphere!

3. Comfort and well-being

With a thermally-efficient rooflight, you won’t have to worry about adjusting your heating and cooling systems. Instead, you can focus on making your environment even more comfortable.

Over time, being in a well-lit space and at the right temperature is better for our health. We’re less likely to get sick from being too cold or hot, and when our homes feel good, we can spend more time with our family or friends.

Invest in rooflights with TuffX!

The magic of rooflights goes beyond brightening our spaces.

With TuffX’s innovative technology, rooflights ensure our homes stay cosy, our energy bills stay low, and our buildings stand strong for years to come.

So, the next time you gaze up through a rooflight, remember it’s doing more than just letting the sunshine in; it’s shaping a better, brighter, and more sustainable future for our homes. If you have yet to join the journey, contact TuffX to discover more about what we offer.