Maximise your roof with TuffX glass

February 2, 2017

Oversized glass is the ever-growing trend that allows homeowners to experience the full views from their conservatory, whilst not being restricted by unpleasant Muntin bars. The maximum length glass also reduces the common problems of leaks and dirt build up that muntin bars can cause, which usually can create countless callbacks for installers. Because of these problems, many homeowners are progressively requesting the oversized glass for their conservatory roofs.TuffX Processed Glass based in Merseyside are the market leaders when it comes to producing oversized glass. TuffX have nearly twenty years of experience in glass manufacturing, specialising in conservatory roof and processed glass. In 2012, they decided to provide the oversized units after discovering numerous clients were calling up querying whether it was possible to create conservatory roofs without muntin bars. Since clients were seeing, a rise in problems with customer’s, whose conservatory roofs were leaking from the muntin bar area.

TuffX decided to take the initiative and began supplying glass up to a maximum length of 4000mm. This resulted in them being able to give their clients the widest range in conservatory roof glass. The company’s manufacturing capabilities proved to be invaluable for many installation companies, helping them solve leaking conservatory roofs and dramatically improve the aesthetics at the same time.

Since the launch of the glass, TuffX has gone beyond to exceed initial expectations. One of their many customers who regularly purchases the Ambi Oversized glass stated, “The oversized glass is a brilliant product. I was so happy when I found out TuffX was launching it, having a few customers complain over muntin bar problems. Since installing many jobs with the Ambi-Max, my customers are much happier and there are barely any complications. I recommend this glass and TuffX to everyone.”

Ambi-Max units are produced in the company’s modern manufacturing facility in Knowsley that has been carefully designed to accommodate the glass sizes required to produce the oversize units. The oversized glass is available in the Ambi- Aqua, Blue, Ultra-grey and Neutral tints.