9 Ideas for Using Glass in Your Home

February 23, 2022

Glass is a great way of bringing a modern and clean aesthetic to your home. It boasts many benefits as a material and can be used in multiple ways around your property. 

Here we take a look through some ideas for using glass in your home to give your inspiration for any renovations or updates you might be considering. 

Pros of using glass in your home

Glass has many advantages to being used in the home, and not just for the design effect it creates in a shape. 

  • Glass is resistant to rust 
  • Easy to maintain and clean 
  • Creates light and airy spaces 
  • Easy to treat such as patterns, colours or lamination

Cons to using glass in your home

Whilst we certainly advocate the use of glass in your home interior, we thought we best share some of the downsides to using glass so that you’re aware of these things and might want to consider them before you take the plunge with a purchase. 

  • Brittle – depending on the type of glass you purchase it can break if subjected to pressure. So it’s best to make sure that you buy high quality, toughened safety glass to ensure there is no chance of breakage. 
  • Costly – Glass is expensive to manufacture, so it’s important to consider the cost implications that come with it. But in having it installed in your home you’re adding incredible amounts of value to your home too.

Update a staircase

Give the hallway a revamp with a sleek glass balustrade staircase. Use wooden handrails to ensure fingermarks aren’t an issue. But these are a great way of opening up a hallway and create a more open and light space. 

Use glass in the kitchen

Update and modernise the look of your kitchen by installing glass splashbacks or a glass worktop. This is a great way to update your current kitchen, without the need of a full newly installed kitchen design. 

Glass is a great option for splashbacks and worktops because they’re easy to clean, look sleek and stylish, and they’re great for bouncing light around the room to make the room look bigger than it is. 

Glass shower screen

The ideal choice for smaller bathrooms, a glass shower screen will create the illusion of a much bigger and open space. You could even use glass as a means of separating a toilet or sink. It’s important that you remember glass will show up watermarks more easily than other solid colour materials, so keep this in mind if you’re not willing to squidy your shower screen every time you use it. 

Open up spaces with glass walls

Open up a room, or section off open living space with glass walls and even crittal glass walls. Glass walls are both functional and extremely stylish. The design allows for light to flow through a space, whilst also acting to zone off certain areas in the home. 

Install a skylight

Skylights are an ideal solution for rooms where a vertical window simply doesn’t work, or in home extensions that would benefit from extra light. Modern and practical, skylights are a great way of adding in more natural lumination to any room that they’re installed. 

Glass kitchen cabinet doors

If you’d like to give your kitchen a refresh, then having glass cabinet doors replace some of your current ones is a great way of doing this. It’s ideal for those who’d like to show off their favourite china pieces, but also help to open up the room a little by breaking up wall to wall cabinets. Make sure they really stand out by installing cabinet lighting to help illuminate the space. 

Glass shelving

A quick and easy way to use glass in your home is the installation of some glass shelving. Ideal for most rooms in the home, they’re a sleek and modern way for decorating walls as well as offering storage space for small trinkets, picture frames and plants. 

Create a garden room

Expand the living space within your home by creating an extra room in the garden with the use of glass walls. These are a great way to really enjoy your garden, as well as utilising some more space for an at-home office, gyms, games rooms or studios. A glass room in your garden is a great escape as well as adding value to your home too. 

Walk-on glass floors

Walk-on glass floors can be installed both inside and outside of the home. They help to extend the flow of light within the home, as well as adding a stunning and interesting design feature. Transform dark areas of your home with a walk-on glass floor with a feature that’s likely to impress everyone who visits your home.