Add Value to Your Home with These Glass Applications

January 4, 2022

Adding value to your home is always going to benefit you in some way, whether you plan on selling up or staying put. Here we look at some of the different ways using glass in the home can add value, as well as looking extremely sleek and stylish. 

Glass trends are definitely worth keeping note of as you make changes to your home, as the return on your investment can be quite significant. 

Read on to find out how these glass applications can increase your home’s value. 

New glass windows

Estate agents insist that taking the time, money and effort to have new windows installed will not only add value but also make your home more sellable. It’s a big plus for any potential buyer to see that all the windows have recently been replaced, whether that’s with double or triple glazing. 

Installing new windows will not only make your home look aesthetically pleasing, but it also improves security and how environmentally friendly it is. 

Bring the outdoors in

If your home opens out into your garden, then it might be time to replace your French doors or single door with a high quality bi-fold. Extremely popular at the moment they help to open up the back of the house and bring the outside in. 

Sleek and stylish, they certainly cost a fair amount of money to have them installed, but the effect is worth its weight in added value to your home. 

Glow heated glass will also help ensure that your home is kept warm throughout the cold months. This highly sought after technology allows heat to emanate from glass to keep the room at the desired temperature. 

Glass balustrades

Stylish and modern, glass balustrades are a great way of improving the appearance of your home as well as adding value. The sleek design and clear glass allows for more light to pass through the home when used on a staircase, creating an airy feeling. Of course, you won’t be compromising on safety in anyway with our expertly designed safety glass

Glass balustrades can be used in a manner of different ways in the home, use them along the stairs, on landings, they can be used for juliette balconies, or even in your outside dining areas. 


Installing a conservatory is a sure-fire way to increase the value of your home, as well as adding in ample amounts of living space too. Get good quality glass to ensure that the room stays sufficiently warm during the winter months. 

Glass splashbacks

Simple yet stunning, glass splashbacks are a new home trend that is only going to get more and more popular because of how stylish it looks. 

The ideal choice for new kitchens, a glass splashback looks sleek as well as helping to make the room look bigger too. 

Walk-on glass floors

Walk-on glass floors will not only help to increase the flow of natural light through the home, but they’ll certainly work to add value as well. The structurally-sound and heavily tested designs work beautifully to transform dark spaces in the home. Used both indoors and outdoors they create an interesting feature in the home that’s bound to get people talking.