Graham Price Tuffx

Working in glass was always the option when Graham Price left school because both his father and grandfather paved the way. In 1947 his grandfather began James Price Glazing, a company his father would go on to take over and then Graham would go on to work at becoming a glazer by trade.

James Price Glazing is still going today, but Graham made a move into the manufacturing side of glass in 1997 with a million pound investment to begin Tuffx Glass.

Changes to safety legislation are the reason Graham Price began his company, with the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 implementing the regulations that every window or transparent surface must be made of a safety material or be protected against breakage. Thus toughened safety glass was created and Graham Price began implementing his advanced glass inventions.

Since 1997 Graham Price has gone on to lead the way in the glass manufacturing industry with pioneering and original creations, toughened safety glass is just one of them.

From there, alongside Pilkington and Saint Gobain he was behind the development of self-cleaning glass. Designed to be used in conservatories and on roofs, the glass does exactly what is says and self-cleans.

He has also designed the Eco i-Panel glass, designed to be used in both domestic and commercial settings. The insulated glass panel has a U value as low as 0.13.

Graham also unveiled one of his newest inventions at the Grand Designs Show, heated glass. Designed to be used on bi-folding doors in the home, Glow Glass is a double glazed unit which emits heat and lessens the need for radiators in a room. Most recently has seen the launch of walk on glass floors, fixed rooflights, fire rated glass floors and thermal walk on rooflights.

The state-of-the-art glass manufactured by Tuffx is being used up and down the country, not only in homes but in some of the most visited places in the UK, Buckingham Palace and The Shard being two of Graham’s most standout projects.

Graham is looking to expand on his already vast 70,000 square foot of manufacturing and office space with an additional 20,000 square foot being built on to their current building.

The COVID lockdown might have shut down production for five weeks, but they’re now back to full capacity with all the safety requirements in place and busier than ever.

Graham leads a staff of more than 200 who deliver their pioneering products nationwide. Tuffx Glass are the market leaders in the industry, and there’s no signs of slowing down either, despite the current climate.