DIY Roof Light Installation vs. Professional Installation

June 28, 2024

With any home renovation project, there comes the ultimate question; are you prepared to do it yourself, or is it a job to leave to the professionals?

Your choice can impact the overall success of the project, your budget, and the safety of your home. For rooflights, the functionality and safety of the installation are key components that can’t be dismissed.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the key things to consider when choosing between a DIY versus professional roof light installation. Stick with us as we weigh the benefits and challenges of each approach to help you make an informed decision.

1. Cost Considerations

When it comes to any renovation project, sticking to a clear budget is necessary to avoid any financial losses.

By taking the DIY route, you can save around £150 to £300 on labour costs per day and only purchase the tools and materials that you can afford. However, if you don’t already own the necessary tools, the cost of each one can quickly add up.

For professional installations it will charge more for their time and expertise, however, this ensures high-quality work and better materials. Most professionals offer a warranty, which means that you won’t incur any additional fees for repairs if something goes wrong.

2. Skill and Experience

When deciding between a DIY or professional installation, assessing your skills is important, as this is no simple task.

Installing roof lights requires knowledge of proper sealing techniques, structural integrity, and different roofing structures. If you have installed windows or skylights before, then you’re more equipped to ensure a professional finish.

Mistakes can be costly, so beginner DIY’ers may wish to steer clear of this task. By hiring a professional, you’re investing in high-quality work and a quicker and more safer installation.

3. Time and Convenience

DIY installations require a lot of time for research, careful planning, collecting the necessary tools, and then completing the job.

Tasks such as cutting roof openings, fitting the roof light, and sealing, can extend over several days or even weeks. However, this allows you to work at your own pace and fit it around our work schedule, reducing disruption throughout the week.

If you want the job to be done as quick as possible, a professional can complete it often in a single day. Plus, they will handle everything from the preparation to the clean up, saving you the time and stress.

4. Safety Concerns

If you’ve never worked under challenging or safety-risking conditions, then you’re more susceptible to falls when working from a height.

DIY’ers may not have any experience or confidence to maintain balance on a roof, leading to potential falls and injury. You need to understand how to use all the equipment and tools safely and effectively to prevent future problems.

Even improper lifting techniques of heavy materials can pose a safety risk. When paying for a professional to install your rooflights, you’re leaving the work to someone who is well-trained in safety protocols and risk prevention.

They also have access to better PPE, and they can provide insurance or warranties that protect you in the case of any post-installation issues.

5. Warranty and Aftercare

As you’re most likely aware, DIY jobs don’t come with a warranty. The materials you use may include a warranty by the manufacturer, but you’ll be responsible for paying for any errors.

This can lead to more expenses and time wasted, and each repair attempt might not successfully resolve the problem, leading to ongoing maintenance challenges. To avoid this, opt for a professional contractor who offers a 5-10-year warranty.

If any issues happen to arise within this time from the installation, the company will be liable to resolve it. Many professional installers will also check in with maintenance checks afterwards to ensure your rooflights remain in good condition.

Choose a Professional Installation with TuffX

At TuffX, we provide high-quality rooflights that can be professionally installed by our team of experts for a seamless finish.

We only use the best materials and tools to ensure a long-lasting, safe, and beautiful installation.

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