April 13, 2021

TuffX’s All Glass Infinity rooflight continues to prove a roaring success with customers – as week-on-week sales of the popular product range go from strength to strength.

Along with steady and consistently increasing order numbers each week, TuffX has also seen a rise in the amount of enquiries about its all-glass ‘frameless’ rooflights, from both new and existing customers.

TuffX’s Managing Director Graham Price believes the strong demand is in part due to the product’s competitive pricing, along with the company’s pandemic-proof in-house manufacturing process.

“Due to its lightweight, slim-line design constructed completely from glass and without any aluminium frame, our All Glass rooflight is typically more cost-effective than comparable products,” said Graham. “So it gives builders and installers an inexpensive alternative to offer to homeowners who want to achieve that popular sleek, minimalist look, without compromising on safety or performance.”

As with all TuffX products, the components for the All Glass rooflights are made in-house, which has paid dividends across the business this year.

“Having full control over our manufacturing chain in this way means our customers’ orders are not affected by the supply issues that the construction industry as a whole has experienced throughout this pandemic,” said Graham.

“It’s meant we’ve been able to continue to grow and gain more additional repeat business from customers right across our Infinity range and all our processed glass products, as our customers have seen for themselves that we have been able to continue to deliver through some tricky times for the industry.”

TuffX’s frameless-look All Glass rooflights have a distinctive ‘floating’ glass appearance that sit lower against the exterior roofline. As with the whole Infinity rooflight range, they are extremely quick and easy for builders and installers to fit – due to their hassle-free design that needs no additional assembly on site.

Being lighter than other rooflights makes the All Glass rooflight particularly easy to manoeuvre and fit. But the lower weight and cost does not reflect any reduction in the product’s safety and performance, with the All Glass rooflight comfortably conforming to industry standard EN1279 – just as you would expect from the UK’s leading safety glass specialist.