5 Brilliant Loft Conversion Ideas

October 25, 2022

Are you looking to add value to your home? Perhaps you need a home office, gym or playroom for your children. If you’ve outgrown your home, moving isn’t the only option! 

A loft conversion is a worthwhile investment to maximise space and increase your home’s selling value. Are you already dead-set on getting a loft conversion? Congratulations! You are about to embark on a creative journey that you may require extra inspiration to complete.

At TuffX, we are committed to helping our customers through their conversion journey. Read on for our seven brilliant loft conversion ideas! 

1. Use rooflights to transform a small space!

A loft can feel very dark and cramped without natural daylight shining through. To maximise your area and give the illusion of a bigger room, install a rooflight! They are the perfect way to make this new part of your house even more spacious. 

Installing a rooflight can add additional value to your home if you ever decide to sell. When paired with an expertly designed layout, your loft conversion will have the look and feel of luxury. 

Where you can install a rooflight depends on the shape and size of your roof: this means you will have to pay close attention to the types of rooflights on offer. For example, a deep, narrow room will look better with one large rooflight. 

But a taller, more narrow loft would benefit from rooflights positioned equally across its length. The choice is yours! With a rooflight, you open your loft conversion to greater design possibilities.

2. Keep things open-plan 

If you are lucky enough to have a giant space for your new loft, there are many options to consider. 

Whether you want one large living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, or perhaps all three, keeping things open-plan will create a grand sense of openness.

 For example, using clear glazing to separate your rooms will craft separation without making your rooms feel too closed off. Or, you could design a split-level space to keep the loft open-plan while creating distinct areas.

3. Make your bed the centrepiece! 

If your loft conversion is soon to become your new master bedroom, you will want to design it with even more TLC. With extra space comes more possibilities, meaning you can afford to go all out with your design planning. 

Let your bed become the centrepiece of your loft. You may want to consider installing a stud wall in your design: this is a wall that is a vertical, upright support for a partitioned wall. 

Stud walls are particularly suitable for those wanting to create distinct spaces. Position your bed against a stud wall and let your superior taste in bed sheets do all the talking. 

You can even construct an ensuite bathroom, wardrobe or extra storage space behind your stud wall. Decorate it with art and match it to the rest of your bedding. You will be feeling extra cosy in no time! 

4. Decide on your layout before designing

When it comes to loft conversions, you must decide where you want your furniture and rooms to be before installation begins. Do you want to keep things open, or are you looking for greater separation? 

You will have to work with a designer and tell them your plan from start to finish. This process must happen long before the tools come out, so get some ideas early! 

For example, if you want an en-suite, measure the height of your loft’s ceiling. This way, you can prioritise pieces such as your sink and shower and save a lot of hassle. Planning will also save you money! 

You must also decide where you want your plug sockets, light fixtures and storage spaces to go. If you forget these crucial components of your new loft, you may have to pay more to have them installed later. 

5. Create a playroom for your kids! 

Has your family grown in the past couple of years? No need to go house searching: design a playroom for your children! If you have sealed rooflights, this will be a perfect way for them to watch the world go by safely. 

Gifting your children a den where they can play, sleep and eat will remove clutter from the rest of your house. Their playroom can include built-in storage spaces for tidying up toys and keeping things nice and clean. 

When it comes to decorating your child’s playroom, go crazy! Get creative with paints or stencils, and perhaps even get them involved. Your loft will soon be brimming with personality and act as the perfect family space. 

Choose TuffX for your Rooflight needs!

We hope you are full to the brim with creative inspiration! If you are planning your loft conversion and are interested in a rooflight, call TuffX on 0345 3400 200. We are committed to providing you with the finishing touches every living space needs.