Benefits of Natural Light in the Office

April 27, 2022

Natural light is extremely beneficial to humans. If you work in an office you will spend the majority of your day indoors, and not see much sunlight. So, it is important to introduce as much natural light into your office as possible to compensate for this. If you are used to dim or fluorescent lighting, natural light will give you the boost in mood, productivity and energy that you have been looking for. In fact, there are studies showing that a lack of natural light can negatively affect mental health in the workplace, read more about it here.  

Below we will discuss the main benefits of natural light in the office. If you find the article useful, and you are considering implementing more natural light into your office, then check out our commercial gallery of projects that we have worked on for inspiration. 

Healthier Workers 

Studies have shown that more exposure to natural light leads to a better quality of sleep and longer sleeping hours. The more sleep and the better quality of sleep that we have, the healthier we are. Healthy workers are the best workers! More sleep means that everyone will come into work each morning feeling more refreshed and ready for the day. 

Also, a study by Cornell University Professor Alan Hedge has found that workers who are exposed to more sunlight and have views of outdoor areas actually took 6.5% less sick leave compared to those who were not. The same study also found that workers who are exposed to natural light experience fewer everyday health issues like headaches, fatigue and blurred vision. This means that the workers had higher levels of productivity than other workers, and did not experience as many long term health issues. 

Happier Workers

It is no coincidence that the sun is associated with happiness. The sun emits Vitamin D, which leads humans to be happier and healthier. This vitamin can help us against mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, as well as physical health issues like chronic pain and diabetes. Healthier workers are happier and more productive workers. 

One way that you can introduce natural light into your office is by using glass partition walls rather than brick walls. This allows the light to shine through the office space, and it creates the illusion that the office is more spacious and brighter than it is. Glass partitions are also more welcoming and friendly than other options, allowing your workers to feel more comfortable and in touch with their colleagues. Therefore boosting the mood and creating a pleasant environment in your office. 

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Natural Light Increases Productivity

Studies have shown that natural light makes us feel more engaged with the task at hand and that it can lead to a 20% increase in productivity levels. We are able to focus better and work more efficiently, leading to completing the task quickly and properly. This can help increase productivity in the workplace, leading you to get through more work and ultimately make more money! 

Are you interested in enjoying the benefits of natural light in your office? Check out this blog post about amazing office rooflight ideas for inspiration.

Boosts Value of Office Space

Natural light boosts the value of an office space. Not only does it make the space look more spacious, cleaner and modern but it also adds to the aesthetic quality of the office, making it worth more money. So, if you decide to sell your office then you could make a generous profit back by making small investments in the likes of more windows or skylights. 

Decrease in Utility Bills

More natural light means that you do not need to rely on artificial light as much. You can save hundreds or even thousands of pounds every year by embracing natural light and being careful with the amount of artificial light you use. With electricity costs on the rise in the UK, there is not a better time to implement new ways of saving electricity. Also, by letting more sunlight into the office, you could be saving on heating bills. The sun will provide a warm, natural heat to the office rather than relying on central heating. Therefore, saving you more money in the long run! 

If you are environmentally conscious, then you will be pleased to know that introducing more natural light and decreasing your dependence on artificial light will dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. You will be doing your part by being an ethical company. This is another benefit, as it will help you to stand out amongst less eco-friendly companies. 

More windows, rooflights or skylights are truly an investment. You can boost the value of your office space and save on utility bills. There are no downsides! If you are interested in reaping the benefits, then get in touch with us at TuffX today, and we will get started on your project ASAP.