Amazing Roof Lantern Extension Ideas for Your Home

February 21, 2024

Does your home often feel dull and lifeless? If so, it may require more natural lighting to uplift the environment.

Roof lanterns are a great way to brighten a large surface area. This is perfect for homes with limited windows and a lack of natural sunlight.

Today, Tuffx will walk you through some amazing ideas for a roof lantern extension in your home. Not only does this add more space to your home, but it makes the interior feel much more airy and open.

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What is a Roof Lantern Extension?

This involves the installation of a glazed structure, often made of glass panels, on the roof of a home extension.

Popular extensions include kitchens, dining areas, living rooms, and orangery’s. The vertical dimension of the rooflight widens the space, allowing more natural light to infuse the home.

Roof lanterns can be customised to fit various roofs, offering flexibility in size, shape, and design.

The Benefits of a Roof Lantern Extension

There are various benefits of adding a roof lantern extension to your home. Some of these include:

  • Increased natural light: Natural light in the home enhances overall mood and health, regulating our circadian rhythm and increasing energy levels.
  • Potential energy savings: Natural light in the home reduces the need for artificial lighting, helping you to save on your energy bills.
  • Enhanced space perception: Roof lanterns can make a room appear bigger and more spacious. This is ideal for smaller homes and extensions.
  • Architectural aesthetics: Roof lanterns add character and depth to your home, making the space more visually pleasing. This can also increase property value.

Roof Lantern Extension Designs

There are various roof lantern extension designs you can choose for your home.

The three most popular extensions include:

The Rear Extension

This is a popular choice for homeowners who want to expand their living space by extending the back of their property.

This connects to your backyard, creating a bigger space for a larger kitchen, dining area, or living room. The key benefits include:

  • Enhanced space: It offers a seamless way to enlarge your home without compromising the property’s street view.
  • Design flexibility: This provides the opportunity for bi-folding doors, skylights, or a roof lantern.

The Side Return Extension

This makes use of the narrow alleyway that runs alongside many terraced or semi-detached houses to utilise the wasted space.

This provides extra width to existing rooms or allows for an extra room in your home. The key benefits include:

  • Natural light: Side return extensions can dramatically increase the amount of natural light within the space.
  • Seamless integration: This can be designed to blend in with the existing architecture, maintaining the character of the home whilst providing extra functional space.
  • Cost-effective expansion: This removes the need for a full rear extension and is more affordable for homeowners wanting to expand their homes.

The Wrap-around Extension

This extension combines elements of both the rear and side return extensions.

It extends along the side of the property, continuing to the rear of the home. This is often used to reconfigure the entire ground floor layout. Its key features and benefits include:

  • Design versatility: This allows for dramatic transformations in the home’s layout, including the potential for glass walls or sliding doors.
  • Natural light and ventilation: The size and scope of wrap-around extensions allow for innovative use of glazing options, improving natural light and ventilation in the home.
  • Increased property value: Wrap-around extensions can greatly enhance the overall appeal and value of a property, creating the opportunity for open-plan designs.

Ideas to Incorporate into Your Roof Lantern Extension

1. Garden Room Oasis

Create a garden room with a roof lantern to bring natural beauty indoors.

This is the ideal space to add lots of indoor plants, which require frequent sunlight. Add this near the back of your home so it blends with your back garden, creating a greenhouse effect.

Opt for a large roof lantern which covers the majority of the ceiling for a bright space.

2. Home Office Haven

Do you work from home? If so, a home office is the perfect home extension.

Paired with a roof lantern, this will enhance visibility for various tasks and increase productivity levels. Better yet, natural lighting can make a home office more appealing, making long days working more enjoyable.

Opt for a medium-sized roof lantern to welcome in natural light whilst keeping your office concealed from the outside.

3. Yoga Studio

If you love to keep active, a yoga studio could be the perfect use of your extension.

This provides a separate space for you to exercise daily and set up all of your equipment without crowding your home.

You could opt for a small square roof lantern for a spotlight effect or a long rectangular design for an open and airy space.

4. Entertainment Lounge

Whether you’re an avid gamer or you want somewhere you can lounge during the day, an entertainment room is the perfect addition.

Install a smaller roof lantern to minimise glare on your screens whilst keeping the space visible and bright. During the nighttime, you could install LED lights around the frame of your roof lantern for a starry effect.

This also serves as the perfect spot for a gathering with friends and family.

5. Wrap Around Reading Nook

Do you love the idea of a mini library? If so, why not create one with your roof lantern extension?

This will provide you with a quiet space at the corner of your home to get lost in a book or two. You can add shelves and bookcases to store your collection and some cosy seating arrangements for a comfortable reading nook.

The roof lantern will provide you with the perfect amount of visibility for reading, reducing eye strain and headaches.

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