5 Things to Consider When Choosing New Rooflights

October 20, 2022

If you have decided it’s time to bring more of the day into your home, a rooflight is the perfect way to achieve this. 

Fixed Rooflights, like the ones manufactured here at TuffX, provide you with the highest level of safety and security while also giving you greater access to outdoor views. However, there are some vital things to consider when choosing new rooflights that you need to know. 

We will be asking you all the burning questions: what size rooflight do you want? Where do you want it, and how much can they be to purchase and install? You will find all the options and more below! 

1. What rooflight sizes should you choose?

A general rule of thumb for rooflights is as follows: the larger the rooflight, the more daylight you let in. A large rooflight also means a warmer room, so you must consider what size rooflight will be most appropriate for your space.

While opting for an extravagant rooflight is enticing, you don’t want it to be impractical. Larger areas of glazing tend to look more at home in contemporary houses with a modern build. 

However, larger rooflights will feel out of place in more antiquated, period homes. Choosing a smaller rooflight will help maintain the architectural style of your house without being overbearing. 

You must also consider your chosen room’s interior design: do you want the daylight to shine over your bathtub, dining table or indoor plants? Deciding what size you want your rooflight should be one of the first choices you make in your journey. 

2. Where should your rooflights be located?

If you don’t already have a space in mind but know you want a rooflight, TuffX is here to give you some pointers on where to install it. First, there is some information you need to know about the way the sun shines. 

To check if your room is north, east, south or west-facing, aim a compass (digital or real) at the largest window in your home. 

Whichever way the compass points is the orientation of your room. North-facing rooms are the least likely to be drenched in daylight: they are away from direct sunlight and can give off colder light during the day. 

North-facing rooms are a great place to install a rooflight because they will maximise the minimal amount of daylight the space receives. South-facing rooms are the exact opposite, however. They will never be short of sunlight, but this can get very hot midday. 

Installing a rooflight in a south-facing room can be a great way to bring daylight into the entire home. If you don’t want to get too hot, ensure the rooflight won’t be directly adjacent to any seating areas. 

3. What type of rooflight should I choose?

There are two main types of rooflights: fixed rooflights and opening, electronically controlled rooflights. Opening rooflights are more expensive and can be manually opened if positioned close to the floor or automatically via an app if out of reach. 

However, we believe that fixed rooflights are a more cost-effective, safer alternative. Fixed rooflights are low maintenance and ideal for rooms where natural ventilation isn’t in short supply. 

They will look their best on any flat roof, bringing you and your family increased levels of natural daylight without breaking the bank.

4. Do you need planning permission to install roof windows? 

In most cases, you do not need planning permission to install roof windows: this is only required if you make structural changes to your home. So long as your rooflight adheres to the following conditions, you can install it to your heart’s content: 

  • Any newly installed windows must not protrude more than 150 millimetres above the existing roof plane
  • No alterations can be higher than the highest portion of the roof or stand out above the roofs ridge
  • Side-facing windows must have obscure glazing for privacy and should not be openable unless 1.7m above the floor.


5. How much are Rooflights? 

At TuffX, we offer the choice between framed and frameless rooflights. Our framed rooflights come with an aluminium frame that creates an insulated thermal break. It helps to reduce condensation while being great for increasing energy efficiency.

A 500×500 model starts at £510 including VAT, and can go up to £1,345 for larger 1000×2400 models. Our frameless rooflights come equipped with clear, toughened safety glass filled with argon gas for excellent thermal insulation and light transmission.

You can purchase one of our 500×500 frameless rooflights for the low price of £325 plus VAT. Our largest 1000×2000 model is a cost-saving £762.00, meaning you can enjoy sunlight and nature with substantial savings.