15 Great Examples of Rooflights in Homes & Offices

March 17, 2022

Installing a rooflight in your home or office space can really help to transform the look and feel of your interior. Not only do they let in more natural light to your space, but they create a more open feeling, giving a more spacious effect.
Rooflights are great additions to spaces for giving the outdoor/indoor result that allows you to enjoy outside elements whilst in the comfort of your indoor space.
There are plenty of ways that you can enjoy a rooflight in your home or office, here are some of our favourite examples to offer up plenty of inspiration for installing one.

The positioning of this roof light helps to perfectly frame this kitchen and the central island too. It helps to cement this space as the hub of the home where you can gather and enjoy food and each other’s company too.

This rooflight is enhanced with the use of the glass sliding doors in this home too. The use of glass helps to open up the space to create a free-flowing design.

The size of the rooflight in this home ensures that the space feels bright and airy, the glass sliding doors also adds to this. There’s little need for artificial light in this room when everything feels so big and radiant.

The use of roof lights at the top of the staircase helps to open up what is usually a dark and shaded area of the home.

You might not instantly think to add a rooflight in your bathroom, but this home shows exactly why you should consider it. Positioning it over the bath allows you to appreciate the views whilst you soak and relax in the water.

Another great example of rooflights in the bathroom. The two slimmer fixtures help to widen the long and narrow interior.

The open-plan living space in this home is finished beautifully by the installation of two rooflights. Ensure you have plenty of wall space for shelving storage or decoration in your home, by letting the natural light in from above.

This home really is bringing the outdoors in with its use of full Crittall walls and doors, as well as a rooflight too.

Another view of this open-plan living space. The black trim on the rooflight and walls is beautifully offset with the industrial feeling of the steel kitchen.

The super high ceilings in this home are exaggerated even further with the rooflights to help draw the eyes up when you enter the space.

Rooflights under eaves are great for highlighting the architecture of the room. Plus positioning over the bed allows for comfortable stargazing too.

Another beautiful use of a rooflight in the bathroom, helping to elevate the clean and simple design beautifully.

The industrial effect in this kitchen is only enhanced by the glass roof ceiling.

The cylindrical shape of these rooflights offers a unique design element in this office space.

This home’s outbuilding is made super bright and airy with the installation of multiple rooflights.

The installation of the rooflight helps to frame the beautiful wooden beams in this home.