10mm Toughened Glass with Posts and Handrail

January 30, 2024

Origin Architectural recently completed the supply of this stunning glass balustrade on the south coast of England. The glass was supplied by Tuffx.

Working with Tuffx, Origin ensured the glass panels fitted perfectly between the posts. Origin Architectural used the software that they have to calculate the exact dimensions of the panels. To ensure that panels fitted perfectly, the customer measured from inside of post to inside of post and deducted 40mm (20m for either side) to ensure that the glass fitted perfectly.

Given that the balustrade was at height, Origin emphasised to the customer the importance of using the safety pins that they supply as standard with the clamps that are fitted to the posts. This required Tuffx to supply the glass with holes in each corner of each panel. The holes needed to align perfectly with the holes in the posts. Origin worked closely with the technical team at Tuffx to ensure that the panels were manufactured to the precise measurements required for the installation.

The glass used was 10mm toughened. The glass was delivered within a week of the order being placed. It had dubbed corners. The customer was thrilled with the speed of delivery of the glass and the quality of the panels.

The posts supplied were in a mirror polished finish. This increased the protection that they had against corrosion and discolouring caused by the sea air.

The customer was thrilled with the end result. Another happy customer for Origin Architectural  and Tuffx!